Goals of IDPA

The goals of IDPA are to advance the work related to Developmental Pediatrics (DP). Developmental Pediatrics is used to indicate the work in the fields of developmental-behavioral pediatrics, neurodevelopmental pediatrics, child development, developmental difficulties, children with special needs or disabilities. All of these fields must merge and apply the sciences of child development and pediatrics. In low and middle-income countries (LMICs) where the majority of child population resides, these fields are newly gaining recognition and therefore are comprised under the name Developmental Pediatrics.

The specific goals of IDPA are to:

1. Provide an organizational home for professionals
2. Develop South to South cooperation/collaboration
3. Promote leaders in countries
4. Support training and education
5. Support the foundation of the subspecialty
6. Enhance interdisciplinary collaborations
7. Enhance state of art, evidence-based, applicable models, programs, policies
8. Promote partnership between professionals, families and communities
9. Support research
10. Support documentation and writing